New Metaphors

A creative toolkit for generating ideas and reframing problems.

Could shedding an old skin or plant growth be a metaphor for confidence? What about sweetness as a metaphor for motivation?

Could creating new metaphors help us understand the world in new ways and imagine different futures?  

New Metaphors has been developed over the past three years by the Imaginaries Lab, a design research studio working internationally. New Metaphors is a set of 150 cards (two different kinds) and a number of simple, fun workshop formats which enable idea generation and new ways of thinking about issues creatively, from specific problems within an interaction design or UX team or organizational context, to much larger questions about our collective futures and our relationships with the planet.

A video by Christian Svanes Kolding explaining the concept of New Metaphors.

I think [Aristotle] says that someone who can perceive resemblances can create their own metaphors… resemblances which aren’t immediately apparent. And metaphor would consist of expressing the secret connections between things.

Jorge Luis Borges and Osvaldo Ferrari’s Conversations (vol. 2, trans. Tom Boll; Seagull Books, 2015, original edition 1986)

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